A comprehensive cross-platform database solution for research and breeding animal tracking, management and reporting. Designed, built and tested in close consultation with animal facilities and research institutions, Genotrack is a flexible solution that encourages a standardised approach to your animal management, data recording and reporting.

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Manage the workflow around your ethics committee. Construct your application form, have researchers complete and submit their applications then our collaborative review and comment workflow helps streamline the process through committee. Track changes between versions or amendments, identify issues requiring discussion, plan meetings and more.

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Developed in partnership with the Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute, Metrics allows you to enter and collate your data, then easily construct a web application displaying charts which use live data from the database as they’re drawn to screen, ensuring anyone looking at the system is seeing the most up-to-date version of the data.

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Our Goals: Dedicated, agile, responsive.

Founded in 2008, Halogenics is a software and consulting company dedicated to providing database solutions for the biomedical research and education sectors.

Based in Melbourne's CBD, Halogenics works in close consultation with many of Australia's top research institutions developing, implementing and supporting database systems to facilitate better research and business through the intelligent use of technology.

Our support and project management tools allow us to rapidly develop, deploy and support database systems for our clients.

Our primary goal is to develop flexible, intuitive software which helps you do the work you want to do.

We help you keep track of the details so you can focus on your core business.

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Our Philosophy: Better software through consultation.

The Halogenics team are dedicated to providing comprehensive software solutions and related services for the education and biomedical research sectors.

We prefer to ask you how the software should work - you are the experts - you know what you need the software to do.

Our job is to build software which integrates as smoothly as possible into your existing workflows and practices.

It should make sense - We strive to develop software which is easy and intuitive to use - if you're constantly having to struggle to get things done then software becomes an impediment to your work, rather than a tool to simplify and complement the workflows you've worked so hard to establish.

We endeavour to be as transparent as possible in our development processes. If you have a problem you need solved, or an issue with something our software is doing, we encourage you to ask - you're the experts, and challenging our assumptions and implementation results in better software for you.

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Our Clients: We work for the following organisations:

We're proud to provide software and support to the following facilities and universities.

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Education Partners: Helping train the next generation of technicians and scientists.

Halogenics donates software, support and resources to the following instutions for use in their teaching programs.

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Memberships & Awards: Colleagues and Supporters.

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